Smoky Anderson Ranch Morning

Smoky Anderson Ranch Morning

The beginning of our morning adventure to the South Fork of the Boise River. Smoke was in the air on what would become a 100 degree day. The smoke was coming from Nevada wild fires. The fire season in the west from California to Colorado is becoming year round. The climate is changing to the warm side. Climate swings have been with us for all time and ultimately God is in control and how much total impact man and our polluting ways has is not for me to know. But it is hard for me to understand why anyone would say the climate is not warming over the last 40 years and why if man can do something to reduce our pollution and impact we would not.

Hot Springs Mini Flora

The many hot springs in Yellowstone National Park produce a unique micro climate of steam and mist moisture and warmth. This produces these prehistoric looking mini plant scapes. The largest plants in these photos are about 3 inches high.

“Micro Webs” Spider webs glistening on the mini plants of a Yellowstone National Park hot spring as the steam clears for a moment. The tallest plants are 3″ high.
“Steamy Mystery Plants” Hot springs steam clouding the view.
“Micro Plants Emerging” from their steam bath.
“Micro Marvels” These 3″ and under plants are indeed wonders of a Yellowstone National Park hot spring.